Cryptocurrency CFDs Trading

Enjoy leveraged trading on most popular CFDs Trading with low spreads.

All trading involves risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with XSTrades

XSTrades offers you the opportunity to trade the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies using CFDs. CFDs, or contract for difference, allow you to speculate on the price movement of the Cryptocurrency (Crypto) you are interested in without having to take actual ownership of the underlying assets or hold it in a special digital wallet.

How does Crypto Trading work?

The price movements on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Doge or Ethereum are driven mainly by demand and supply factors and prevailing traders’ sentiment. Cryptocurrencies tend to be very volatile and combined with leveraged trading, you can create opportunities on the minimal initial margin required. Leverage also comes with substantial risk, so it is important to understand the risks that comes with leverage before trading.

Unlike other asset classes, cryptocurrencies are decentralised and controlled almost entirely by retail investors. They are generally not issued by any central authority, making them theoretically at least, immune to government interference or manipulation.

Crypto Trading Example

Cryptocurrency CFDs Trading

The market moves in your favour and the price increases to $45900 and you decide to close your trades and lock your profit by selling all the CFD contracts you hold. 

In our example, the price moves in your favour and the pair rises to $45900. You decide to close your trades and lock your profit by selling the Crypto CFD contract you hold. But, had the price declined instead moving against your prediction, you may had resulted in a loss.

The gross profit on your trade is calculated as follows:

Opening Price

USD $45000

Closing Price

USD $45900

Gross Profit on Trade


3 Steps to Start Trading


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